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Host an Event (step 5 of 5)

5 Steps: 1:Planning | 2:Expectations | 3:Policies | 4:Ethics | 5:Application

If you know there is already a local coordinator nearby or in your greater metro area, please contact them first as they will need to recommend you before we can consider your application. 
    • If you are taking over for or pitching in with a current LC, please have them contact us first, then apply (in that order).
    • If you have an issue with your current event's leaders, contact us seperately so that we can try to resolve the issue. Applications from people wishing to unilaterally "take over" will be rejected, but complaints will be addressed.

Once you have filled out this form, the Assistant Membership Director will get back with you. She will ask for a confirmation mail, including private contact info. Be assured we won't use this except in an emergency, and won't give it to anyone else! But it's good to be able to contact people. Note also that you will not officially be named Local Coordinator for your area without that confirming email - it also lets us know that someone didn't sign you up for it without your knowledge.


By submitting this form, you agree to the following things:

  1. You agree to host an event between August 1 and October 31. This event needs to follow these requirements:

  2. - It will be an admission-free event held at a publicly accessiblelocation.
    - It must be open to anyone who wishes to attend. (You can ask people to leave the event based on what they are doing, in the case of disruptive actions. You cannot ban people from attending based on who they are.)
    - A Harvest-themed Pagan ritual must be performed
    - A food drive or other charitable drive will be held
    - The media must be directly invited to the event.
  3. You give permission for your public contact information --at minimum an email address and a name--to be listed on the Pagan Pride Project event pages. (We will make the distinction between public and private contact information quite clear, and will post nothing you do not want us to. But you have to provide *some* method for interested helpers and attendees to contact you.)
  4. You give permission for your public contact information to be given to members of the press.
  5. You give permission for your private contact information to be given to your Regional Coordinator. Again, this information will not be released anywhere else.
  6. You give permission for your email address to be added to the Pagan Pride Coordinators mailing list (
  7. You agree to remain on the Pagan Pride Coordinators' Mailing List, understanding that the Web Only setting is not allowed for coordinators.
  8. You agree to send a monthly update to your Regional Coordinator every month, even if it's simply, "Hello; I'm still here but we haven't done much this month."
  9. You agree to fill out an event report within two weeks after your event. This will include information like number of attendees and amount of charity raised.
  10. You agree that your event will follow all other Pagan Pride policies and guidelines, unless a specific waiver has been received from the Board of Directors.
  11. You agree to abide by the Code of Ethical Conduct.

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS about any of these, please contact the Membership Director. In specific instances the Board of Directors reserve the right to waive a requirement, so if you have a question you need to contact us.

The Pagan Pride Project - Local Coordinator Application