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The Pagan Pride Day Project Inc is blessed to announce our final numbers for 2013 Pagan Pride Day events worldwide.

posted Jul 24, 2014, 9:01 AM by

In 2013, we had 98 events across the USA; Canada; Mexico City; Brazil; the Dominican Republic; Rome; and Vienna, Austria.

Our 2013 attendance was 65,717: an increase in attendance by over 20,000 when compared to 2012

We collected 39,962.80 pounds of nonperishable food and donated $6,918.48 to charities including the Wounded Warrior Project.

We donated 1,262.60 pounds of pet food as well as dog collars and leashes along with other necessities for animal rescue groups.

We collected and donated items for:

·                     Operation Circle Care for Pagan military personnel

·                     clothing and baby items to a charity for infants

·                     coats for the homeless

·                     53 pounds of sugar for a bee apiary.

Our attendees donated 54 pints of blood for the Red Cross and local hospitals.

We donated 78 books to prisons for Pagan inmates to further their knowledge.

The Pagan Pride Project Inc collects no fees from the individual Pagan Pride Day events. Individual events raise funds for the events through donations, fundraisers and vendor fees. The monies raised stay in the local community. In the United States all donations made on behalf of the Pagan Pride Project go to 501c3 charities.

The Pagan Pride Day Project is pleased to announce that in 2014 we have over 120 events anticipated during the Harvest festival season between August and November across the globe with events in the USA, Canada, Europe, and throughout Latin America.