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LC Resources

If you are a Local Coordinator, you have access to a private area on this site.  There you will be able to maintain your event and personal profiles, plus download a wealth of information and assets to assist in running your events.

If you aren't already setup, please take a moment to review these short videos.  They may save you a lot of time in the end.  If you still have problems logging in, have a look at these common LC Login Issues.

Logging in the First Time ‎‎‎(4 Minutes)‎‎‎

Submitting a Monthly Report ‎(6 minutes)‎

Updating your Event Page ‎‎(4 minutes)‎‎

Lots of Local Coordinator Resources (1 minute)

Understanding Login Issues ‎(8 minutes)‎

Quick Reference (1 minute)

Don't have time, or having trouble?  The LC Resources from the old website will remain available for a little while.  Visit them now.