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LC Login Issues

Having trouble accessing the LC resources on our website?  Here are a few common issues and solutions, starting with a video, and then listed with text and images for quick reference.

Login Issues Video

Please note that this video was created before we went live, so it refers to  This URL still works for now, but the normal URL,, is what we should use gong forward.

Understanding Login Issues ‎(8 minutes)‎

The username or password you entered is incorrect.

There are many possibilities here. One is that you are not entering the original username sent to you in your welcome message. That is the "Email" this page is looking for, not your real email address or some other Google account email address.

Another possibility is that you actually do have the wrong password. Check for caps lock key and confirm your password if you keep them in a password vault or the like. If you are sure you are using the username and password correctly, please use the Password Reset Request form on the main support page to get a new password.

You Need Permission, or Insufficient Permissions

If you see this screen (click the image at right to see a full size version), it probably means you are logged in to another Google account instead of your account from your welcome message.  Just click the "Switch Account" button, enter your account, click continue, then enter your password and click "Sign In".

I Use GMail or other Google Apps for Domain Accounts

If you already use GMail, or some other Google Apps for Domains account(s), things can get confusing if you use the "Switch Accounts" technique described above.  Another option is to use separate users/identities/profiles in your browser.  Here is how to do that in Chrome:

SPECIAL NOTE: Chrome is slowly updating around the world to change the way it handles multiple users. One difference is that it calls it "person" and "people" now rather than "user" and "users".  Another difference is that, instead of an icon in the top left corner, they now show the name in the top right corner, just before the window controls. I will rewrite all this once things settle, but for now please be aware of these differences in case they affect you.

Using separate Google Chrome users may seem a little involved, but it is actually pretty straight forward and should give you a single click to open the LC resources from now on. In short, you will create a new Chrome user, then set the startup page for that user to the Pagan Pride LC Resources page.

Make  New Chrome User
  1. Click the three bar icon in the top right of your Chrome window, the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button, then click "Settings" in the drop down menu.

  2. Towards the bottom of the Settings page, click "Add new user...", choose a picture and enter "Pagan Pride" as the name, then click "Create".

  3. You should now have a new "Welcome to Chrome" window, so sign in with your full username,, and password.
Set the Startup Page

  1. Now, on this new window (with your selected picture in the top left corner), click the three bar icon in the top right of your Chrome window, the "Customize and Control Google Chrome" button, then click "Settings" in the drop down menu.

  2. Under "On Startup", click the "Open a specific page or set of pages" radio button, then click the "Set pages" link beside it, enter as the URL and click "OK".
That's it. Now you can close the new window. Any time you need to reach the Pagan Pride LC resources, just click the picture in the top left hand of the chrome browser and then click the picture you chose for Pagan Pride. By default, Chrome also created a favorite on your desktop, so you can just click that to open your Pagan Pride browser session. 

Note that, if this is the first time you have created a user, you will also have your original settings in the default user "Sparky", with the picture of the little dog. I have about a dozen of these setup, allowing me separate sign ins, bookmark bars, and startup pages for my different work and personal organizations.

Each browser session will now always have the little picture for the user in the top left corner, but you can also chose a separate full browser theme for each user to make it easier to remember which user you are in. I have a green forest theme for my Pagan Pride user, a dark Urban theme for my work user, a bright back yard theme for my personal user, and so on... Just go to settings (like we have twice now) and under Appearance click the "Get Themes" button.

Google Accounts General Help and Troubleshooters

This website uses Google Apps for Domains, and the Local Coordinator accounts are all Google Accounts. Google provides lots of great information on using and troubleshooting your Google Account at: 

When using this resource, bear two things in mind:
  1. Your Google Account has already been created for you, so many of the items in the "Getting Started" section won't apply.
  2. We have only activated a subset of the Google Account features, including Google Drive and Google Sites.  Most features, like Gmail, calendar, hangouts, and contacts, have not been activated.