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We are the leadership team for the Pagan Pride Project. Though most of the real work is done by the Local Coordinators, hosting events in cities all over the world, there is much to be done to support them, and that's where we come in.
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President Brian Ewing 

Vice President Carla Smith 

Secretary Johnson Davis 

Treasurer Virginia/Dark Elf 

Regional Coordinators

  United States

  Mid-Atlantic   Amie Tolomeo
  Mid-South   Virginia/Dark Elf
  New England   Rev. Charles Berry
  Ohio Valley   Carrie Zay
  Southern   Johnson Davis
  Upper Midwest    Gregory Michael Brewer
  Upper Plains   Gwen Gardner
  Western   Sandra McLeish

  Other Countries

  Canada   Amanda Hyde 
  Europe   Vanth SpiritWalker
  Latin America   Madelaine Benitez