Brian Ewing

National President


Brian Ewing has been involved in Pagan activism almost as long as he has been Pagan. In 1998, after years of searching for a religion that shared his personal beliefs, he discovered Wicca and has been a devout follower ever since. Being outspoken, his interest in Paganism soon got him involved in letter writing campaigns to a few Congressman that would rather see Pagans go away. In 1999, he founded the Los Angeles chapter of the Pagan Pride Project, along with (his now wife) Selene Silverwind, when he saw the need for a movement that stressed religious rights for every religion.

It was in February 2001 that Brian was offered a position as Western Regional Coordinator, supporting all area Pagan Pride activities. He has since been elevated to National Membership Director, and now, National Executive Director as of March 2009, a position he still holds as of 2013.  Locally he practices with an eclectic coven in West Los Angeles.

Brian is also an attorney and has a law degree from Loyola Law School and a degree in Atmospheric Sciences from UCLA. He moved to Los Angeles from the suburbs of Philadelphia in 1992.